Walbridge Fire

Fire Progression

Here’s a map I made of the fire progression of the Walbridge fire, from the 8/25/20 Satellite Heat Detections derived from VIIRS and MODIS satellite data (courtesy of NASA). The dots are color-coded to show the fire’s progression, with the bright red dots showing recently active fires and hotspots from today.

Walbridge Fire Map
Walbridge Fire Map
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Walbridge Fire Map, Zoomed To Southern Extent
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Interactive Map of Satellite Heat Detections

This lovely map shows the CALFIRE official fire perimeter and satellite heat detections from VIIRS and MODIS satellites, each of which update the data source typically once in the early morning and once in the evening. Another good map is the CalTopo map that seems to process and make available the satellite data more quickly.

Fire Incident Map from the County Of Sonoma Emergency Operations Center

This map shows the current Mandatory Evacuation and Evacuation Warning Zones, the fire perimeter with satellite heat detections, and road closures.

Real-Time Air Quality Map

PurpleAir is a crowd-sourced network of air quality sensors that show real-time data.

And here’s an air quality forecast page from the Interagency Wildland Fire Air Quality Response Program.

Fire Cameras

View live fire cameras on the Alert North Bay website.


View the National Weather Service Forecast for the Walbridge Fire area.

View real-time wind data from PG&E’s weather stations.